Snelling provide the following warranty terms and conditions for all Snelling products. This includes products from both the Made by Snelling, Snelling range and all collaborations.

All warranty questions or claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase and extends only to the original purchaser. Images and proof of manufacturing faults and defects may be requested. The warranty is only valid if a valid claim is made within the Warranty Period in accordance with the following guidelines. Please read the guidelines carefully before filing a claim.

To make a claim contact your initial Sales Person or the Store where you purchased your product from. For online purchases contact info@snellingstudio.com


Snelling guarantees that all products sold are free from manufacturing faults and defects for the product specific periods outlined below, from the date of original delivery.

The warranty guarantee does not cover:

- Any breakage caused by negligent and/or improper use of the goods.

- Changes caused by normal wear and tear

- Any damage caused by lack of and/or erroneous maintenance. Please see detailed care instructions supplied to you with your product and outlined on snellingstudio.com/product-care

- Any damage due to an accident or force

- Degradation of finish caused by environmental factors.

LIGHTING - 3 Years

A warranty of 3 years covers all Snelling lighting products. Our warranty covers workmanship and finish of materials 3 years from the date of purchase when subject to normal use and care in an appropriate location. No warranty in any case is valid if joint separation or material surface degradation is a result of the product in an environment subject to direct sunlight, moisture or fluctuating temperatures. The Natural Brass will develop a patina over time - please select this finish carefully as the appearance of the material will change from when you first receive it. This is a natural process of raw brass.

TIMBER - 5 Years Structural

A 5 year warranty covers the structural integrity of Snelling products. Any surface abrasions or dents will not be covered if they were not reported immediately upon arrival of your purchase. A selection of images will be requested dependant on the damage reported. The timber products have been crafted by hand with carefully selected timbers suitable for the intended use of the product. It is a natural product and can change with environmental variables. Humidity and fluctuating temperatures that causes bowing or joint separation are not warranted. No warranty will be accepted where sun or heat exposure damage is the visible cause.


Snelling have hand selected fabric and leather that are suitable for the intended use of each product. All meet exacting standards. Leather is a natural product and imperfections can be present. Please see snellingstudio.com/shipping-and-terms for further details in regards to these materials. Warranty will not be accepted unless the damage is clearly visible through mishandling before changing hands. Fabric will not be warranted unless upon arrival obvious damage to the surface is visible and reported.


All Snelling products are upholstered by professional tradesmen. The warranty applies only when the product has been used sensibly and as it’s function is intended. Any fabric pulls visible between seams and/or cording must be reported upon arrival of your product. Images will be requested.


No Snelling products are designed or manufactured for outdoor use or placement. Warranty claims will not be accepted in any case.


Snelling will cover all costs involved in the repair excluding any transport or freight costs associated with the approved claim. Products both for under warranty and post warranty repairs are the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer also assumes full liability for losses or damages resulting from shipping as well as all responsibility to pursue remuneration for such issues with their selected carrier. Please see Sales Terms and Shipping on the website for more details, snellingstudio.com/shipping-and-terms.


For product care and maintenance instructions please see your technical care card supplied with your purchase or through our website snellingstudio.com/product-care.

If there are any faults with your purchase on receipt of the goods, please make contact within 48 hours of receiving the order. If contact is made outside of the 48 hour window, you are at risk of voiding your warranty.

For any additional queries - please call Snelling Auckland:  +64 9 215 0147


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