Product Care


To ensure your Snelling product performs at it’s best; you will need to give it some care and attention. Our products are designed to last many years and be handed down to the next generation. Please take note of the following care instructions that are relevant to your product.

Please note the recommendations in this document are intended as a guide only and Snelling does not assume responsibility or liability as results may vary.


Do not locate your products in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, moisture and fluctuating temperatures. Surface degradation and the structural integrity of the product will be compromised. No warranty claim will be valid if this is not adhered to. Snelling products are intended for indoor use only. No warranty claim will be valid if products are used outdoors. Avoid use of all abrasive cleaning products, oils and other polishes unless specifically recommended in these guidelines.



Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Remove dust and dirt regularly with a soft cloth. For persistent marks use a soft damp cloth with a touch of water only - wipe in the direction of the timber’s natural grain to prevent any cross scratching.. Do not place hot objects or unglazed ceramics directly on table surfaces as these may scratch and cause permanent marks. If any polishing is necessary to restore the timber lust (Eg. Tabletops) use a polish such as Teak Wax.


A protective lacquer is applied to all painted / stained finishes however further sensitivity needs to be applied than products with a natural finish. Treat spills and stains immediately. Wipe down area with a soft slightly dampened cloth. Wipe in the direction of the natural grain to prevent any cross scratching. Avoid hard rubbing and scrubbing as this may cause the colour to become streaky dulling in some areas. Dry in shade away from direct heat or sunlight. Do not place hot objects or unglazed ceramics directly on table surfaces as these may scratch and cause permanent marks.


A product called ‘Scratch Out’ can restore surface scratches. Use this product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Coloured wax sticks can be used to repair minor dents on natural timber finishes. Heat the wax colour that is the closest match to the timber and apply to the dented area. For painted and stained timber contact Snelling for colour codes and application advice.


Remove dust with a soft cloth or feather duster regularly. The Natural Brass finish will develop a patina over time. If you wish to restore the shine use Brasso with a soft cloth or handy towel. Follow Brasso directions closely - Take care near leather and timber as Brasso will stain. The alternative brass finishes do not need any further care. Please choose the Natural Brass finish for Snelling ceiling pendants and chandeliers carefully. These are delicate products and the application of polishing products is not recommended - damage may occur easily. Always use coasters on the Line Side Table brass top to avoid scratches.


Remove dust and dirt with a soft damp cloth regularly to avoid particles that can work into the hide. A leather conditioner can be used occasionally to keep the leather supple. The Natural leather will age and tan over time - the appearance will be unique to each hide. Subtle irregularities in the leather products are to be expected with a natural material - these characteristics are intended to be admired and appreciated. Some softening and stretching can be expected with use. Contact a specialist leather cleaner for persistent stains.


To clean mirror glass and globes, use either handy towels or a glass specific cloth with glass cleaning spray to achieve best results. Wipe quickly. You may need to repeat this process several times for stubborn smudges. Use coasters to avoid scratches on glass table tops.


Some Snelling lamps and triangle pendants have powder coated metal parts. Remove dust and dirt regularly with a soft damp cloth. An eco-friendly multi-purpose spray can be used occasionally for stubborn marks. Avoid excessive rubbing as this may cause the colour to dull in some areas.


Wipe all spills immediately. Use a gentle cleaner such as a mild detergent - Avoid acidic, abrasive and powdered cleaners as these may etch the surface. Buff the surface with a chamois. Always use coasters to avoid scratches and marks from hot and unglazed ceramic pieces.


Snelling uses material from Hemptech Fabric’s Molesworth Collection. The fabric composition is a 63% New Zealand Merino / 37% Hemp Fibre blend. Protect from direct and strong reflected sunlight to avoid fading. Do not rub stains - professional cleaning only is recommended. Vacuum fabric regularly to remove dust on a low suction setting.


Once installed, our fabric covered cords may begin to collect dust. To remove this dust, we recommend gently dabbing the cord with a damp cloth to remove dust particles. Avoid rubbing, as this could cause visible damage to the fibers surrounding the cord.


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