Upon purchase of a Snelling product, the purchaser accepts that Snelling products are handcrafted from natural materials. While Snelling perform every effort to conform to description - slight variations in size, finish and material performance including flexing may occur. There can be no control of irregularities in colour, grain, veining or texture of products that include glass, brass, timber, marble or leather. Sales collateral such as material samples, photographs, drawings and any other particulars associated or involved in the sale of the goods, is used for reference purposes only. We will not be liable for any such variances or inconsistencies. We are constantly developing and refining our pieces. Due to this some design alterations may occur that differ from the photographs and specifications provided.


Order is final once invoice payment has been made. Please choose carefully, as all of our pieces are hand made to order. We do not provide refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.

Inspection of all products is required on delivery or if the item is picked-up, same day inspection is expected.Notification of any damages or shortages in performance is required within 48 hours to your sales representative. Damages and shortages will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

For all online orders direct your notification to info@snellingstudio.com.

If a return is agreed upon between both parties, you agree to return the Goods in their original condition and original sealed packaging to our nominated returns store or depot. If failure to do so and damage is incurred in transit to Snelling, all costs will be directed to you and payment must be fulfilled within 48 hours from notification.

No exchange or refunds under any circumstances will be accepted for clearance or sale items.

Refunds for the dissatisfaction with colour, grain, veining or texture of wood, marble and leather because of natural variations of which Snelling has no control, will not be accepted. Snelling only chooses from the top 10% of these materials. Presence of such irregularities and subtle imperfections are evidence of the handmade. This must be accepted before the Sale is processed


These sales terms apply between Snelling and the Person named on a Quotation, Sales Order or Invoice regarding you buying from us the Goods, on and subject to an Agreement. Orders made in store, over the phone, via email or through our Online Store are subject to these terms.

Sales Terms must be accepted or orders will not be processed.

No other terms and conditions apply to this Agreement.


Agreement means a contract between us and you for the sale and purchase of the Goods. Goods mean physical goods agreed by both parties to be supplied by us to you. Quotation means the form, tender or quotation submitted by us to you regarding the Goods.

Invoice means the sales invoice issued by us to you which is subject to these terms and conditions.


Quotations are valid for 30 days or other period as stated on the Quotation.

Quotations are not an obligation to sell the Goods specified.

Invoices are valid for 7 days only. Please contact your sales person to discuss should your Invoice be no longer valid. (Decide on date for everyone to use)

Invoices incur full expectation that the payment will be carried out. Payment amount will be specified on the Invoice.

For international orders, shipping cost will be specified to you on both the Quotation and Invoice but this does not include any duties or taxes incurred once the Goods have been shipped. See Delivery Terms for further details.


Snelling offer custom modifications to limited existing product ranges subject to Snelling’s approval. Please acknowledge that requests for custom products outside our existing ranges prompt a more comprehensive submission and approval.

All requests must be submitted and approved in writing.

Snelling have the right to decline all submissions.


Once the agreed payment has been received by Snelling, your order from the corresponding Invoice will be processed. Any request for subsequent changes must be submitted in writing to your Sales Representative. There is no guarantee that the requested change can be made. For online orders, please contact info@snellingstudio.com

Snelling asks that all Goods and their relevant details be finalised at the Quotation stage before the Invoice is raised.


NZ: All prices for Goods are quoted in NZD. Invoices include GST.

AU: All prices for Goods are quoted in AUD at the current exchange rate. Invoices do not include GST.

Rest of the World: All prices for Goods are quoted in NZD. Invoices do not include GST.

Unless otherwise stated by us in writing, the prices quoted in a Quotation or Invoice exclude delivery, installation, insurance in transit, handling charges or any other charge for a Good.


New Zealand & Worldwide