LENS captures the new spirit of Snelling, one of experimentation and joy, in which surprising forms embody both the functional and the sculptural. The result of Bec Snelling’s return to her origins and formal training as an artist, the sensitive and beautifully unexpected forms in Lens emerge from an entirely new approach in which the designed object is underscored by the artistic method.

The collection grew from two practices which encourage looking at the world anew. The tension and shapes of the body in yoga were translated into charcoal and paper using the method of blind contour drawing, and these gestures form the basis of Lens’ elegant, curved silhouettes. Both yoga and contour drawing are expressions of the feeling body, and the objects in Lens embody the vibrant, graceful gestures of hand and charcoal, as well as the tensions of the folding, stretching body.

Mirrored, polished and prismatic surfaces invite the gaze and speak of looking again and relearning. Shapes originally extracted from yoga poses are deconstructed, stacked and rearranged with playful irreverence – informed by the desire to reimagine form and materiality through a new lens.